The stream Fersinone is a tributary of the River Nestor and has a length of about 25 kilometers.
It flows from a sulfur spring of Poggio Spaccato, a hill in the province of Terni.
Some archaeological findings in its immediate surroundings, dating back to the Neolithic, have led to the assumption that its banks were once inhabited.

Coming down from the village towards the river Fersinone, you can reach the spring of Pornello, now accessible via a dirt road. The water, of excellent quality, fresh flows and fills the three basins of the fountain, once used as a wash and a trough for animals as well.
In ancient times, the women of the village went to the spring for water, along a paved path now completely overgrown with bushes of hawthorn and brambles. They used to carry jugs on their heads. Although tiring, it was a moment of entertainment, gossip and meetings in the days of hard work of the peasant families.