The Castle of Pornello, whose name recalls a thick foliage of blackthorns, has ancient origins, being already mentioned in the chronicles of 1137 when Count Ottone assigns it to the bishopric of Orvieto.
In 1432 Pornello belongs to the Signoria of the Monaldeschi. Later on, it becomes a fief of the Counts of Marsciano, then it is made over to the Dolci family, descendant of Montemarte.
Around 1600 the Chronicle of the Seraphic Province of Assisi lists Pornello among the properties of the Counts Polidori of Orvieto. In 1798 the land register of Orvieto shows that the noble Manieri have bought Pornello.
In 1971-72 the heirs of Manieri sell their estates to the Italian State and in 1980 those are handed to the Umbria Region. Nowadays, it is owned by Corneli's family.
Nowadays, Pornello is a village nestled among the green hills of St. Venanzo, a few kilometers away from the famous complex of "La Scarzuola". Its countryside is a tourist attraction thanks to the presence of qualified accomodating structures.